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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The app is crashing! What do I do?
A: We apologize if you are experiencing crashes on your device when playing SpeedTouch. We strive to test the application on as many devices as we can and fix every bug we find. However, some may slip through our grasp. If you could please email us at, we will do our best to resolve your situation. Bug fixes will likely come through an automatic update on the app store.

Q: Will there be bug fixes added to the game via patches?
A: Yes! If any bugs are found after release, they will be fixed via patche releases on the app store. Even if you are not encountering any bugs, we encourage you to update your game when it becomes available. There may even be additional features added in future patches.

Q: Why isn't my iOS version supported? Can I still run it?
A: Unfortunately, we can not support versions of iOS below the version stated on the iTunes Store description due to device and feature requirements. It is possible that you may be able to make the game run on a lower version, but it may not function properly and we cannot provide support for devices below that version.

Q: Do you support jailbroken devices?
A: While most apps run fine on jailbroken devices, occasionally there may be errors that only occur on some jailbroken devices. Although we strive to ensure that our apps work on all devices, we do not officially support Apple devices that have been jailbroken.


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